Configuring Hitch to terminate SSL requests

Start with an example configuration that's bundled with Hitch distribution. Rename hitch.conf.ex to hitch.conf.

Since Hitch is a fork of Stud, the configuration values are mostly the same. Refer to my earlier blog post on Configuring Stud to know which values to configure.

Get an init.d script for Hitch with the following:

Test your configuration with

/opt/hitch/sbin/hitch --config=/opt/hitch/hitch.conf

To get the certificate configured, please follow Installing and configuring Stud to serve SSL requests.

Once you are able to access the server, we can enable the init.d script via chkconfig script.

chmod ugo+x /etc/init.d/hitch  
chkconfig hitch --add  
chkconfig hitch --level 235 on  
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